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Most view RECEIVER (desktop):

AR-5700D | AOR

High-end receiver with wide-band coverage for a variety of digital, as well as analog modes. Front-end with 33 bandpass filters.



Wide-band SDR receiver, 0.1-1300 MHz coverage, all-mode including digital voice standards.

Most view SCANNER:


Digital hand-held scanner for 100 KHz ~ 1300 MHz. All analog & digital modes with auto-detect, advanced signal select functions.



Wideband scanner receiver with dualwatch and dual-band recording functions. Frequency range 0.1-3305 MHz, bandscope, high-speed scan, GPS.


S-2000 | Tecsun

Portable & Desktop double-conversion receiver with FM-Stereo, Long Wave, Medium Wave, Short Wave, VHF Air-band. 360 degree rotate LW/MW ferrite antenna.


PL-365 | Tecsun

Ultralight world receiver with AM/SSB mode on the full 0.15~30 MHz spectrum from long wave to short wave bands. FM-stereo, plug-in LW/MW external ferrite antenna.

Most view TRANSCEIVER (desktop):

IC-7700 | ICOM

Top of the line HF/50 MHz transceiver with two DSP. +40dBm IP3 performance, three roofing filter, high stability OCXO. 200 Watt output power.


Elecraft | K4

160-6 meter, all-mode coverage, wide-range dual receive. 100W output.

Most view TRANSCEIVER (mobile):

UV-50X3 | Baofeng

Mobile 50 Watt tri-band radio with two receivers and cross-band repeater. Wide receive coverage. Separate front LCD panel.


MD615 | Hytera

Mobile VHF/UHF radio designed for the analog to digital migration, supports FM and DMR modes with auto-detect feature. Low and High power version up to 50 Watt.

Most view TRANSCEIVER (portable):

FT2D | Yaesu

144 / 430 MHz handheld transceiver for C4FM and FM. Two independent receivers, 5 Watts of RF power, GPS, large touch panel display.


ID-51A / ID-51E PLUS2 | ICOM

Dual-band VHF/UHF handheld transceiver for D-STAR and Analog operations. Access point and terminal mode, integrated GPS, dualwatch, AM/FM receiver.


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