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Double-conversion portable world receiver with FM-Stereo, Long Wave, Medium Wave, Short Wave. AM / SSB mode, selectable IF bandwidth, good RF front-end dynamic range, RDS. Ideated in Taiwan.

Reference market : consumer

General :
Frequency coverage [1] 0.1000 ~ 29.9999 MHz
76.0000 ~ 108.0000 MHz
Modulation mode SSB / AM / WFM
Tuning step 40 Hz [2]
1 / 5 KHz [3]
50 / 100 KHz [4]
Receiver :
RF attenuator Local / DX and adjustable RF-gain [5]
Features :
Memory 406 total memories
(9 regular memories for LW)
(18 regular memories for MW)
(351 regular memories for SW)
(27 regular memories for FM)
Display 1 KHz frequency resolution
12-segments signal meter bar
Power supply 4.8 ~ 6V battery (4 x AA alkaline / NiMH / NiCad)
9 VDC external, AC power adapter
Audio power 1 W
Connections Jack 3.5 mm (headphone)
Jack 3.5 mm (audio line output)
Jack 3.5 mm (audio line input)
Jack 2.5 mm (recorder activation)
Jack 3.5 mm (LW, MW, SW antenna)
Plug (power supply)
Mechanical and environmental data :
Dimensions 180 (W) x 127 (H) x 38 (D) mm
Weight 793g

[1] 0.153~30 MHz and 87.5~108 MHz on some models
[2] SSB mode, LW / MW / SW bands
[3] AM mode, 1.710~30 MHz band
[4] On FM band
[5] On LW, MW, SW bands

Description :

With the ATS-909X receiver the Sangean has renewed, in style and partially in features, its popular portable ATS-909 among the most appreciated within its category. This new version adopts a similar circuit with a set of well positioned commands and a double conversion system that expresses a good sensitivity and an equally valid rejection to the image frequencies. The coverage is continuous for long, medium and short waves in AM as in SSB maintaining for the entire spectrum a significant resistance to intermodulation. For the FM band the display shows the multi-code information of the RDS system, an important aspect for the FM-DX fans. 406 memories are available to record favorite stations, even through an automatic frequency scan. Each memory can be identified by a label composed of up to 8 characters, in the case of the locations for the SW band the label is to distinguish an entire bank of memories.

Other features: narrow or wide selectivity, local or DX sensitivity, continuously adjustable attenuator (in 0.1 - 30 MHz), squelch, three audio tone profiles, direct frequency setting from the keypad, clock, alarm, sleep-timer, internal ferrite antenna for LW / MW bands and extractable stylus for SW / FM, external antenna connector, alkaline or rechargeable battery compatibility, integrated battery charger, battery status indicator, control connections for an audio recorder.

Performance and practical notes :

Undoubtedly the ATS 909X is an interesting apparatus. At a superficial glance it has renewed only the aesthetics of its predecessor, it is now slightly smaller and with a style of greater appeal, but the variations are also substantial. To start the sensitivity, it proves to be better on the SW, making it practical to use the radio in combination with the supplied antenna. Then there is the SQUELCH control which gives the possibility of adjusting the reception threshold to eliminate noise and weak signals, an option not normally available in the world receiver although its setting is not particularly easy. Another innovation is the RDS which displays the station name, type of programming, etc., for the codes PS / PTY / RT. An expansion compared to the standard RDS display. Also with the RDS, if the station transmits the CT code, it is possible to synchronize the 909X clock with this time reference. Thanks to the Aux-in connection, it is now possible to connect an external audio source such as an iPOD, MP3 or CD player. The presence of a battery charger with a selection of NiMH / NiCad batteries proves to be very convenient. Finally the case, its plastic container, which is made available in two colors, light or dark, to suit the buyer's preferences.

Your review :

I had an ATS 909X for about 5 years. I loved it and recently stopped tuning in the manual mode. The knob would just spin without changing freq. I sent it back to Sangean in CA & they quoted me $30 to fix it including shipping. I got a call from them the other day & told me that the part needed was no longer available but would send me a refurbished one for $120 with a guarantee & all accessories. I gave then the go ahead & now I'm anxiously waiting for it to come, probably early next week. They told me that the newer ATS 909X had some significant changes & I'd really like them. We'll see. I use the radio almost exclusively with several outdoor wire antennas & Dentron & MFJ tuners. It will share my operating desk with my old Yaesu FRG-7700 which needs work but still performs well. That radio went with me everywhere I went in my 27 years of Military service. Sure wish I could have had the ATS 909X. MUCH lighter.

[End post] [Glenn, KB9IN]

ATS-909X price :

We have collected for your convenience the ATS909X Sangean sales prices and their trend over time. Of course offers, accessories, warranty terms and conditions can lead to different figures.

Price Date Condition
EUR 289,-- 2019-apr New
EUR 239,-- 2019-mar New

In promotion. Grey case

USD 249,95 2019-mar New

Valuation :

Dynamic range
Spurious response
Signal functions
Control functions
User friendly

Stars: 1=insufficient, 2=just sufficient, 3=mediocre, 4=good, 5=excellent

Review :

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