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The flagship, and the largest, in Grundigs shortwave receiver offer. Desktop radio with FM, Long & Medium Wave, Short Wave 1.6~30 MHz in ten bands with bandspread. AM/SSB, three selectable IF bandwidth. Ideated in Germany, year of introduction 1978.

Reference market : consumer / ham-radio

General :
Frequency coverage 0.1450 ~ 0.420 MHz (LW)
0.5100 ~ 1.6200 MHz (MW)
1.6000 ~ 3.5000 MHz (SW1)
3.3000 ~ 5.2000 MHz (SW2)
5.0000 ~ 30.0000 MHz (SW3~10) [1] [2]
87.5000 ~ 108.0000 MHz
Modulation mode SSB / AM / WFM
Receiver :
Sensitivity [3] AM 6.8 uV (0.3 MHz, 6dB S/N)
3.6 uV (1.0 MHz, 6dB S/N)
1.5 uV (2.5 MHz, 6dB S/N)
1.5 uV (5.0 MHz, 6dB S/N)
0.5 uV (6.1 MHz, 6dB S/N)
0.5 uV (7.2 MHz, 6dB S/N)
0.45 uV (9.7 MHz, 6dB S/N)
0.4 uV (11.8 MHz, 6dB S/N)
0.35 uV (15.3 MHz, 6dB S/N)
0.35 uV (17.8 MHz, 6dB S/N)
0.4 uV (21.6 MHz, 6dB S/N)
0.4 uV (25.8 MHz, 6dB S/N)
WFM 0.55 uV (106 MHz, 6dB S/N)
Selectivity AM-N / SSB 2.5 KHz (-6dB)
4.8 KHz (-60dB)
AM-M 7.2 KHz (-6dB)
13.6 KHz (-60dB)
AM-W >10 KHz (-6dB)
Image rejection [3] 67 dB (0.3 MHz)
64 dB (1.0 MHz)
57 dB (2.5 MHz)
52 dB (5.0 MHz)
70 dB (6.1 MHz)
68 dB (7.2 MHz)
64 dB (9.7 MHz)
62 dB (11.8 MHz)
57 dB (15.3 MHz)
52 dB (17.8 MHz)
46 dB (21.6 MHz)
45 dB (25.8 MHz)
Intermediate frequency 10.7 MHz (FM)
2 MHz (SW3~10)
460 KHz (LW / MW / SW1 and SW2)
460 KHz (SW3~10)
Features :
Memory 6 preset frequencies (FM)
Display 1 KHz frequency resolution (LW / MW / SW)
10 KHz frequency resolution (FM)
Power supply 110-127 and 220-240 VAC
10-16 VDC external, 12V nominal
9V batteries (6 x UM1)
Power consumption 75mA typ with 9V batteries
4W typ with AC power adapter
20W max with AC power adapter
Audio power 2.5 W with 9V batteries
5 W with AC power adapter
Connections Jack 3.5 mm (headphone)
Jack (line)
Jack (external loudspeaker)
Jack (AM antenna)
Jack (FM antenna,300Ω)
Mechanical and environmental data :
Dimensions 516 (W) x 297 (H) x 140 (D) mm
Weight 8.9kg without battery

[1] In eight adjacent bands, see table
[2] The bandspread broadcast bands allow convenient station tuning, see table
[3] Extrapolate values from official documentation

Description :

The Satellit 3400 is, literally, a great radio with its dimensions of 52 x 30 cm and the weight of more than 9 kg with the six UM-1 batteries necessary for operation. The 3400 Satellit has stable carrying handle on the top and on the both sides in the style of other vintage commercial and marine radio receivers. It was built until 1982 and marked the top, and also the end, of the traditional Grundig Satellit line. Full coverage from 0.5 to 30 MHz, split up into bands and streched broadcasting bands. Long wave band. BFO for SSB reception, automatic noise limiter (ANL), AGC with RF gain control, three selectable AM bandwidth. Aerial trimmer for SW3-10 bands. Excellent FM reception, with AFC and 6 programmable frequency (analogic memories) set with potentiometers. Separate tuning knobs. Buil-in ferrite antenna for LW and MW, switchable. Telescopic antennas for SW (144cm) and FM (81cm), switchable. Separate bass-mid loudspeaker and tweeter, this last can be switched on in FM mode. Separate bass and treble controls. The LED digital frequency counter can be switched off to prevent interference. S-meter/battery meter. Clock.

Tuning :

The Satellit 3400 is provided with three scales each with its own illumination and separate tuning knobs. The top scale covers the FM range, the middle scale is for LW/MW/SW1/SW2, the lower scale indicates the different ranges of the SW3...SW10 turret tuner.

By depressing the top button a special short wave turret tuner is switched into circuit. This covers eight ranges from 10 to 60 meters, 5 to 30 MHz. The ranges are selected by means of the knob on the right of the set and the corresponding SW band scale appears in the lower window. Each SW band scale covers the range selected or a bandspread broadcast band inside the selected range, top part of scale. This last is only used for coarse orientation. Frequency coverage :

Band Frequency coverage
SW 3 5.00 ~ 6.65 MHz
SW 4 6.60 ~ 8.40 MHz
SW 5 8.20 ~ 10.55 MHz
SW 6 10.50 ~ 13.20 MHz
SW 7 12.90 ~ 16.30 MHz
SW 8 15.80 ~ 19.80 MHz
SW 9 18.35 ~ 23.50 MHz
SW 10 23.40 ~ 30.00 MHz

Each SW3...SW10 short wave scale covers the range selected or a bandspread broadcast band inside the selected range. The broadcast band can be selected by setting the toggle switch to its top position. The bandspread allow convenient station tuning for the following frequencies.

Bandspread Frequency coverage
SW 3b 5.93 ~ 6.25 MHz, 49m band
SW 4b 7.00 ~ 7.31 MHz, 41 and 40m bands
SW 5b 9.45 ~ 9.85 MHz, 31m band
SW 6b 11.65 ~ 12.05 MHz, 25m band
SW 7b 15.05 ~ 15.65 MHz, 19m band
SW 8b 17.45 ~ 18.05 MHz, 16m band
SW 9b 20.95 ~ 21.85 MHz, 13 and 15m bands
SW 10b 25.50 ~ 26.40 MHz, 11m band

Performance and practical notes :

The Grundig Satellit 3400 use 51 transistors and 9 integrated circuits, pure analogical technology of course except for the frequency counter circuit. In terms of reception quality there are two conditions. For LW / MW / SW1 / SW2 bands the radio adopt a single conversion to 460 KHz. Sensitivity is good for this frequency range, also tank's to the narrow IF filter, but image frequencies are problematic. The preselector filter for 1.6~5 MHz express modest rejection. For SW3 to SW10 bands the radio adopt a double conversion with the first to 2 MHz. The image frequencies are more attenuated, particularly on 5~10 MHz. In this range the sensitivity of the built-in telescopic antenna is adeguate and allows the reception of international broadcasting stations and also the amateur radio communications in SSB, of course frequency stability is as analog local oscillators. Regarding the mechanical stability the Grundig Satellit 3400 after many years suffers of top push-buttons disfunction, the turret SW3..10 tuner also suffers of bad contacts.

Satellit-3400 price :

We have collected for your convenience the Satellit-3400 Grundig sales prices and their trend over time. Of course offers, accessories, warranty terms and conditions can lead to different figures.

Price Date Condition
EUR 380,-- 2018-nov Second Hand

Effective sales price. Good condition overall, lab refurbished

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