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Portable / desktop world receiver with FM-Stereo, Long Wave, Medium Wave, Short Wave, VHF aeronautical band. 360 degree rotate LW/MW ferrite antenna. Ideated in Germany / P.R. of China, year of introduction 2008.

Reference market : ham-radio / consumer

General :
Frequency coverage 0.1000 ~ 29.9999 MHz
87.0000 ~ 108.0000 MHz
117.0000 ~ 137.0000 MHz [1]
Modulation mode SSB / AM / WFM
Tuning step < 100 Hz [2]
Features :
Memory 1000 total memories
(100 memories for each LW, MW, SW, FM, VHF band)
(500 customizable memories)
Display 1 KHz frequency resolution
Antenna BNC 50Ω Connector
Terminal jack 500Ω (LW and MW)
Power supply 6V battery (4 x D)
6 VDC external, AC power adapter
Connections Jack 3.5 mm (headphone)
Jack (audio line input)
Jack (audio line output)
Mechanical and environmental data :
Dimensions 372 (W) x 184 (H) x 146 (D) mm
Weight 3.22kg

[1] VHF aeronautical band, AM mode
[2] SSB mode, 0.1~30 MHz band

Description :

Portable radio but with the design and ergonomics appropriate for a receiver that finds centrality in the home environment, offering full coverage from long waves to the upper end of short waves adding to the FM band (stereo through the audio output and headphones) and the VHF segment of 117~137 MHz reserved for aeronautical communications. With AM and SSB modes for frequencies up to 30 MHz the Satellit 750 allows you to listen to broadcast stations, maritime and aeronautical communications, radio amateurs. Two narrow / wide selectivity values can be selected to optimize reception in the presence of interference on adjacent channels. The tuning is articulated by being managed both by the rotary control of generous dimensions, convenient for prolonged use, as by direct entry from the keyboard, or by recalling a specific frequency from the 1000 available memory locations.

Other features: traditional style analogue S-meter for reading the received signal intensity with high resolution, stylus antenna for SW / FM / VHF bands and ferrite antenna for long and medium waves bands - the latter is placed in a housing on the upper side of the apparatus and can be rotated within 360° to find the best listening conditions, input for external antenna with standard BNC connector and through high impedance terminal jack, separate controls to adapt the response of low and high audio tones, double alarm clock, indicator of the remaining battery power, input / output audio line connections.

Performance and practical notes :

Exponent of the prestigious Satellit line, which has collected for decades consumer receivers of a superior class, the 750 in the current context arises as an object of the unique typology. Beyond performance, of good quality both in the RF and in the sound performance, what characterizes this Grundig line is the balance between the look and the front panel controls structure - both sized to give the operator the feeling of radio that far from the usual canons of digital multifunctional portable. From the tests [Editor's note: our tests were partial not having involved instrumental measures] the performances proved to be appreciable in practical terms of sensitivity and listening delightfulness, in the same trend of other mid-range receivers intended to a generic user.

Satellit 750 price :

We have collected for your convenience the Satellit-750 Grundig sales prices and their trend over time. Of course offers, accessories, warranty terms and conditions can lead to different figures.

Price Date Condition
EUR 419,00 2018-nov New
USD 375,00 2018-nov New
EUR 288,-- 2018-nov Second Hand
USD 210,-- 2018-nov Second Hand

In excellent condition and working order

Valuation :

Dynamic range
Spurious response
Signal functions
Control functions
User friendly

Stars: 1=insufficient, 2=just sufficient, 3=mediocre, 4=good, 5=excellent

Review :

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