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The CODAN Envoy transceiver provides a versatile design for mobile, base and complex HF systems. Delivers data and analogue / digital voice communications. The use of IP over Ethernet enables geographical separation of radio and console. 125W PEP output. Ideated in Australia.

Reference market : commercial / professional

General :
Frequency coverage RX 0.2500 ~ 30.0000 MHz
TX 1.6000 ~ 30.0000 MHz
Modulation mode CW / LSB / USB / ISB / AM / FSK / DV [1]
Receiver :
Sensitivity SSB 0.12 uV (10dB SINAD)
Selectivity [2] SSB 2.4 KHz (-6dB)
5.0 KHz (-70dB)
Blocking > 100dB (50 KHz spaced signals)
IP3 (3rd order intercept point) +38dBm
Image rejection > 95dB
Spurious rejection > 85dB
Noise reduction (NR) Yes
Frequency stability ±0.3 ppm with temperature from -30°C to +60°C
Switching speed < 25ms (Tx:Rx or Rx:Tx)
Audio response < 3 dB variation on 300~3000 Hz [3]
Transmitter :
Output power SSB 125W PEP
User-programmable in 1W steps (low/medium/high)
Spurious emission Harmonics Better than 69 dBc
Out of band Better than 69 dBc
Carrier suppression (SSB) Better than 65 dBc
Unwanted sideband suppression (SSB) Better than 70 dBc
Intermodulation products 40 dBc
Vocoder MELPe (1200/2400 bit/s)
TWELP (600/1200/2400 bit/s)
Features :
Memory [4] 1000 channel capacity
20 scan groups
500 contact list entries
Selective calling ALE/CCIR
Antenna 50Ω
Power supply 10.8~15V DC (12V nominal)
Power consumption 500mA RX (backlight min, audio muted)
12.5A TX
Connections USB (via Handset or Console)
RS232 (supports NMEA-0183 GPS)
Ethernet (TCP/IP, remote control)
GPIO Auxiliary (audio in/out, PTT, RS232) [4]
Mechanical and environmental data :
Operating temperature from -30°C to +60°C
Dimensions 210 (D) x 270 (W) x 65 (H) mm (RF Unit)
75 (D) x 32 (W) x 151 (H) mm (Handset)
190 (D) x 228 (W) x 79 (H) mm (Console)
Weight 2.8kg (RF Unit)
0.3kg (Handset)
1.1 kg (Console)

[1] Digital Voice and Data, software defined
[2] 500 Hz, 2.7 kHz, and 3 kHz optional
[3] With optional 2.7 kHz filter
[4] ENVOY X2 model

Description :

Codan's Envoy HF Radio delivers dependable, clear, trouble-free voice, messaging and data communications, without dependence on existing infrastructure. With second generation Digital Voice technology, Envoy provides outstanding voice clarity in conditions where competing HF radios fail. Codan's second generation Digital Voice (DV) technology provides a quantum leap in voice communications. It significantly reduces the hiss, crackle, pops, and multipath effects typical of HF. The vocoders used provide voice quality experience that is similar to cellular phones, and the modem technology ensures continued operation in degraded and fading channels. When analog SSB mode is needed, Envoy's patented Easitalk DSP algorithm works to actively remove background noise and interfering tones. During transmission, Codan's TalkPower feature dynamically compresses and shapes the frequency response of the voice signal to maximise transmit power and intelligibility. A syllabic squelch only opens the speaker mute when speech signals are present to eliminate background noise.

Envoy uses latest-generation high-performance Digital Signal Processor (DSP), Field-Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) and system on chip (SoC) technology (DSP: 456 MHz, 32-bit. FPGA: 500,000 gate. MCU: ARM9, 300 MHz, 32-bit). Built upon a proven SDR platform with thousands of hours of operating in the field, Envoy delivers market-leading performance and future upgradability through software updates that support evolving standards and ensure sustainability. Two models are made available:

Channels 100 1000
Scan groups 10 20
Contact list entries 250 500
Accessory serial port N/A Standard
Data modem N/A Optional

The Envoy base station solution consists of an Envoy radio (RFU), desk console, 3020 power supply, 411 Terminated Folded Dipole broadband antenna and cables. The Envoy is the only HF base system with a purpose-built smart desktop console that provides maximum operational flexibility and full remote control capability of all HF radios on your network. Quick to setup, an Envoy base station solution provide provides a rapid link into your HF communications network.

CODAN Envoy Mobile and Base configurations

An Envoy mobile solution consists of an Envoy radio (RFU), handset (and cradle), speaker, vehicle installation hardware kit and cables. The antenna options for a mobile solution are the 3040 Automatic Tuning Whip or the 9300 Automatic Tuning Whip Antenna. The space saving design allows for the handset and radio to be mounted separately with a quick and easy install setup. Other features in short:

  • IP / Ethernet / USB connectivity.
  • High RF performance with sensitivity of –125 dBm and blocking greater than 100 dB.
  • Quick deployment and intuitive operation.
  • ALE and SELCALL calling capability.
  • Integral DATA capability.
  • Voice Encryption.
  • GPS support.
  • Intuitive icon based large colour display.
  • Multi-language user interface.
  • CCIR 493-4 based Selcall.
  • MIL-STD-188-110A/B (STANAG 4539) Data (up to 19k2 bps).
  • FED-STD-1045.
  • MIL-STD-188-141B ALE (JITC Certified).
  • 3G ALE (STANAG 4538).
  • Virtual Control Point (VCP) compatible.
  • XTEND smartphone app compatible.

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