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Portable & Desktop double-conversion receiver with FM-Stereo, Long Wave, Medium Wave, Short Wave, VHF Air-band. Built-in 360 degree rotable LW/MW ferrite rod antenna, analogue style S-meter, selectable IF bandwidth, IF output at 455 KHz.

Reference market : ham-radio / consumer

General :
Frequency coverage 0.1000 ~ 30.0000 MHz
87.0000 ~ 108.0000 MHz
118.0000 ~ 137.0000 MHz [1]
Modulation mode SSB / AM / WFM
Tuning step ~10 Hz [2]
1 KHz [3]
9 / 10 KHz [4]
10 / 100 KHz [5]
Receiver :
Sensitivity SSB < 1.0 uV (SW band, 10dB S/N)
AM < 3mV/m (LW band, 26dB S/N)
< 0.35mV/m (MW band, 26dB S/N)
< 18 uV (SW band, 26dB S/N)
< 5 uV (Air band, 10dB S/N)
Signal to noise ratio (audio) > 45 dB (MW band)
> 50 dB (SW band)
> 60 dB (FM band)
Selectivity AM (W) < 20 KHz (-40dB)
AM (N) < 10 KHz (-60dB)
RF attenuator 0 / 10 / 20 dB
Image rejection > 80 dB (LW, MW and SW bands)
> 60 dB (FM band)
> 90 dB (Air band)
IF rejection > 60 dB (IF 455 KHz)
> 100 dB (IF 10.7 MHz)
> 60 dB (IF 55.845 MHz)
AGC > 80 dB (range)
12 uV (threshold)
Intermediate frequency 55.845 MHz (0.1~30 , 118~137 MHz)
10.7 MHz (87~108 MHz)
455 KHz (0.1~30 MHz , 118~137 MHz)
Features :
Memory 1000 regular memories in banks
Display 1 KHz frequency resolution
Antenna Terminal jack 500Ω (LW and MW band)
BNC 50Ω Connector (SW band)
BNC 50Ω Connector (FM and VHF Air-band)
Power supply 6V batteries (4 x D size, alkaline or NiMH)
6V external, plug outside/core diameter 5.5/2mm
Audio power 2 W with an 8Ω load
Audio output Jack 3.5 mm (headphone)
Connections Jack (audio line input)
Jack (IF output)
2 x RCA (stereo line output)
Mechanical and environmental data :
Dimensions 372 (W) x 183 (H) x 153 (D) mm, front handle included
Weight 2.7kg batteries not included

[1] VHF air-band
[2] BFO for SSB mode, LW/MW/SW band
[3] AM mode, LW/MW/SW band, min step
[4] AM mode, MW band, standard step
[5] FM mode

Description :

Portable / desktop receiver for 100-30000 kHz with SSB, FM-Stereo and 118-137 MHz Aircraft band. Dual Conversion in AM/SSB, 1000 station memories, analogue style S-meter, selectable IF bandwidth, IF output at 455 KHz. Internal 120cm telescoping whip antenna for use on FM / AIR and SW bands, 360 degree rotating ferrite rod antenna for use from 100kHz through 1800kHz. External antenna jacks for SW and FM / AIR bands. Auto, Manual, Direct frequency key-in and station memory tuning. Auto Tuning Storage function (ATS). Mute and lock function, 24 hour Clock and Dual alarm clock function. Line in socket (can be used as speaker for MP3) and Line out socket.

It should be noted that the S-2000 receiver is the version for the Asia market, with few variations, of the Satellit-750 from Grundig / Eton. This last intended for Europe and North America users.

S-2000 price :

We have collected for your convenience the S2000 Tecsun sales prices and their trend over time. Of course offers, accessories, warranty terms and conditions can lead to different figures.

Price Date Condition
EUR 349,00 2019-may New
USD 293,00 2019-apr New

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