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PC controlled receiver combining an analogical / digital design configuration. Frequency coverage 0.1-30 MHz. Ideated in USA.

Reference market : ham-radio

General :
Frequency coverage 0.1000 ~ 30.0000 MHz
Modulation mode CW / LSB / USB / AM
Receiver :
Sensitivity SSB 0.3 uV (10dB S+N/N)
AM 0.7 uV (12dB S+N/N)
IP3 (3rd order intercept point) +10 dBm
Dynamic range 90 dB (50 KHz spaced signals)
Image rejection > 60 dB
IF rejection > 60 dB
Frequency accuracy ± 100 Hz at +25°C
Intermediate frequency 45 MHz
455 KHz
12 KHz
Features :
Memory Unlimited memory channels
Antenna 50Ω
Power supply 13.5 ~ 15 VDC external, 110 VAC with power adapter
Power consumption < 500 mA typ
Audio power 1 W with a 4Ω load
Audio output Jack external speaker
I/Q output 10 KHz bandwidth
Connections RS232C-9 [1]
Jack (I/Q 12 KHz output)
Plug (power supply)
Mechanical and environmental data :
Dimensions 158 (W) x 76 (H) x 165 (D) mm
Weight 1.14kg

[1] RS232C / USB adapter provided

Description :

This Ten-Tec is an entry-level SDR receiver with relatively simple design. The circuit configuration is based on a three-conversion superheterodyne in which the last one, at a value of 12 KHz, is made available to the audio inputs of a PC in the phase and quadrature components (I / Q) so that it can be processed by the software to implement filters and demodulations. The output is levels compatible with the sound-card that have a line input, the impedance is 600 [ohms] with 2 Vpp of maximum amplitude. Two options for the antenna, you can use the supplied stylus placed on the top panel or an external antenna that automatically, when inserted the connector, disables the first one. The number of memories in which to organize your list of frequencies and stations has no limits using the computer resources.

You can choose the bandwidth of the digital filters between 34 values ranging from a minimum of 300 Hz, typically for CW uses and digital modes at low speed, up to a maximum of 8 KHz for a comfortable listening, in AM mode, of the broadcasting statrions. The following table shows in ascending order all the selectivity values that the user can set:

300 Hz 1050 Hz 2400 Hz 4500 Hz
330 Hz 1200 Hz 2550 Hz 4800 Hz
375 Hz 1350 Hz 2700 Hz 5100 Hz
450 Hz 1500 Hz 2850 Hz 5400 Hz
525 Hz 1650 Hz 3000 Hz 5700 Hz
600 Hz 1800 Hz 3300 Hz 6000 Hz
675 Hz 1950 Hz 3600 Hz 8000 Hz
750 Hz 2100 Hz 3900 Hz  
900 Hz 2250 Hz 4200 Hz  

RX-320D price :

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Price Date Condition
USD 135,00 2018-jul Second Hand

Includes whip antenna, manual, power supply

USD 179,95 2015-sep Second Hand

Includes USB and RS232C cables, audio cable, manual and CD, power supply

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