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TS-890S Kenwood — New page

HF/50MHz/70MHz transceiver top in its class. 1st-IF frequency down conversion, 500Hz roofing filter as standard, independent band scope. 100W on HF/50 and 50W on 70 MHz.
[Radio Set]


TitanSDR Enablia — New page

SDR receiver with direct sampling. Designed to support monitoring of the 0.009-32 MHz spectrum with wideband and simultaneous up to 40 parallel narrowband channels.
[Radio Set]


FT2D Yaesu — New page

144/430 MHz handheld transceiver for C4FM and FM. Two independent receivers for both analog and digital, large touch panel display.
[Radio Set]


IC-7610 ICOM — New page

High performance HF/50 MHz transceiver with true dual RF direct sampling receivers and independent preselector circuits. 7-inch touch screen color display.
[Radio Set]


PL-365 Tecsun — New page

Portable, and ultralight, world receiver with AM/SSB mode on the full 0.15~30 MHz spectrum from long wave to short wave bands. FM-stereo, plug-in LW/MW external ferrite antenna.
[Radio Set]


IC-2730A ICOM — New page

Dual band mobile transceiver with simultaneous receiver on both VHF and UHF. 50 watts of output on both bands. Separate tuning, volume, squelch, as well as basic control buttons for Main/Sub band.
[Radio Set]


Satellit-3400 Grundig — New page

The flagship, and the largest, in Grundigs shortwave receiver offer. Desktop radio with FM, Long & Medium Wave, Short Wave 1.6~30 MHz in ten bands with bandspread.
[Radio Set]


HF-2050 Rockwell Collins — New page

First grade general purpose VLF / LF / MF / HF receiver with double/triple frequency-conversion and digitized on last IF. Input range 0.014-30 MHz.
[Radio Set]


AR-DV10 AOR — New page

New digital hand-held scanner for 100 KHz ~ 1300 MHz. All analog & digital modes with auto-detect, advanced signal select functions.
[Radio Set]


ID-31A-PLUS ICOM — New page

UHF handheld transceiver for D-STAR / FM. Access point and terminal mode, integrated GPS receiver, repeater search function.
[Radio Set]


IC-7100 ICOM — New page

Multi-band radio HF/144/430 with intuitive touch screen. Triple-conversion receiver and transmitter with 100 Watt max output power.
[Radio Set]


MD615 Hytera — New page

Mobile VHF/UHF radio designed for the analog to digital migration, supports conventional and DMR modes with auto-detect feature.
[Radio Set]


ID-51A-PLUS2 ICOM — New page

Dual band V/UHF handheld transceiver for D-STAR / Analog operations. Integrated GPS, dualwatch, AM/FM receiver, IPX7 submersible.
[Radio Set]


UV-50X3 Baofeng — New page

Mobile 50 Watt tri-band radio with two receivers and cross-band repeater. Wide receive coverage. Separate front LCD panel.
[Radio Set]


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