Pocket-size scanner, receiving frequency range 0.15-1300 MHz in AM and FM mode. CTCSS and DTCS, build-in battery charger. Ideated in Japan, year of introduction 2008.

Reference market : ham-radio

General :
Frequency coverage [1] [2] 0.1500 ~ 1300.0000 MHz
Modulation mode AM / FM / WFM
Tuning step 5 / 6.25 / 7.5 / 8.333 / 9 / 10 / 12.5 / 15 / 20 / 25 / 30 / 50 / 100 / 200 KHz
Receiver :
Sensitivity AM 2.5 uV (0.495~5 MHz, 10dB S/N)
1.78 uV (5~30 MHz, 10dB S/N)
1.78 uV (118~136 MHz, 10dB S/N)
1.78 uV (222~330 MHz, 10dB S/N)
FM 0.56 uV (1.625~5 MHz, 12dB SINAD)
0.4 uV (5~247 MHz, 12dB SINAD)
0.56 uV (247~833 MHz, 12dB SINAD)
0.79 uV (833~1300 MHz, 12dB SINAD)
WFM 1.78 uV (76~108 MHz, 12dB SINAD)
1.8 uV (175~222 MHz, 12dB SINAD)
2.5 uV (470~770 MHz, 12dB SINAD)
Selectivity AM > 12 KHz (-6dB)
< 30 KHz (-60dB)
FM > 12 KHz (-6dB)
< 30 KHz (-60dB)
WFM > 150 KHz (-6dB)
Frequency stability ± 6ppm with temperature from -10°C to +60°C
Intermediate frequency 429.1 MHz
19.65 MHz (AM / FM)
20.75 MHz (WFM)
450 KHz (AM / FM)
1.55 MHz (WFM)
Features :
Memory 1500 in 26 banks / 100 groups / 100 memories
200 for auto-memory write scan
50 for programmed scan limits
Display 1 KHz frequency resolution
15-segments signal meter bar
Antenna SMA 50Ω connector
Power supply 3.7V battery
6.0 VDC external
Power consumption 150 mA typ
100 mA ssquelch on, battery save function off
35 mA squelch on, battery save function on
Audio power 75 mW with an 8Ω load
Audio output Jack 3.5 mm
Mechanical and environmental data :
Operating temperature from -10°C to +60°C
Dimensions 57 (W) x 128 (H) x 23 (D) mm, without antenna
Weight 200g with battert and antenna

[1] 0.495 ~ 1300 MHz specifications guaranteed
[2] Cellular blocked in the US

Description :

The IC-RX7 is a compact triple frequency conversion scanner for listening in AM and FM modes with a high search speed of up to 100 channels / second. It has a large number of memory locations that can be divided into three distinct levels: by category (up to 26 categories can be created), by groups (up to 100 groups can be created) and by single memories (up to 100 memories can be created). The structure is hierarchical, this allows to manage the storage space according to the user's choices. Alphanumeric names with a maximum of 16 characters can be used for identification, and each category can also be shown on the display with a graphic icon for an even faster recall. 200 locations are dedicated to the automatic recording function, during a search the active channels are recorded to keep track of the frequencies in use. Multiple search options: between band limits, within the memories, with self-writing, through the scan-key that accesses channels and tuning steps pre-programmed by frequency range. The CTCSS and DTCS tone detection shows the code used by a given transmission. The VSC function is included to unlock the squelch in the presence of a modulated carrier. Beyond the flexible stylus antenna a ferrite antenna is incorporated to improve the medium waves reception.

The receiver is resistant to rain with IPX4 degree of protection, a feature that is not found in similar portable devices. Other features: the power-save function, RF attenuator, ergonomic keyboard, PC control with the CS-RX7 software.

Performance and practical notes :

A distinctive feature of this scanner is the style given to the aesthetic realization and the ergonomics of the controls. Regardless of the price / performance ratio, the IC-RX7 model responds to the requests of some users not strictly involved in the value of the technical characteristics. The control interface, referring to the close relationship of the keyboard and display, proves very convenient to use and consult. Those who have experience with more conventional scanners in this respect will have to familiarize themselves with the management structure, especially with regard to memories, to take advantage of the logic behind the various operations.

Sensitivity is at a nominal level lower than the average of the handheld of this class, it is nevertheless considered adequate to the typical listening modes. On the whole, rejection to images is superior to other compact receivers. This last aspect is appreciated in certain frequency bands. As in all the latest generation scanners, the availability of 8.333 KHz tuning steps ensures an accurate agreement on the VHF aeronautical service transmissions. Separate note for the pre-programmed search function. This mode simplifies the use of the receiver and therefore is aimed primarily at novices, in more broad terms the specificities in the use of radio spectrum in some country as well as obtaining the actual potential of the IC-RX7 recommend to manually set the scan parameters.

Ed note: the receiver has also been put on the market with variations in the aesthetics, models produced in limited quantities for specific promotional campaigns.

Valuation :

Dynamic range
Spurious response
Signal functions
Control functions
User friendly

Stars: 1=insufficient, 2=just sufficient, 3=mediocre, 4=good, 5=excellent

Review :

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