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HF/6 meter all mode transceiver with dual DSP. Double-conversion with image-rejection mixer, three built-in roofing filters, 14.8cm display with spectrum scope. 100 Watt max output power, built-in PSK and RTTY operation. Ideated in Japan, year of introduction 2009.

Reference market : ham-radio

General :
Frequency coverage RX [1] 0.0300 ~ 60.0000 MHz
TX [2] 1.8000 ~ 1.9999 MHz [3]
3.5000 ~ 3.9999 MHz [3]
5.3 MHz [4]
7.0000 ~ 7.3000 MHz [3]
10.1000 ~ 10.1500 MHz
14.0000 ~ 14.3500 MHz
18.0680 ~ 18.1680 MHz
21.0000 ~ 21.4500 MHz
24.8900 ~ 24.9900 MHz
28.0000 ~ 29.7000 MHz
50.0000 ~ 54.0000 MHz [3]
Modulation mode CW / FSK (RTTY) / PSK / LSB / USB / AM / FM
Tuning step 1 / 10 / 50 [5] / 100 Hz / 1 / 5 / 9 / 10 / 12.5 / 20 / 25 KHz
Receiver :
Sensitivity [6] CW / RTTY / SSB [7] 0.15 uV (1.8~30 MHz, 10dB S/N)
0.12 uV (50~54 MHz, 10dB S/N)
AM [8] 6.3 uV (0.1~1.8 MHz, 10dB S/N)
2.0 uV (1.8~30 MHz, 10dB S/N)
1.6 uV (50~54 MHz, 10dB S/N)
FM [9] 0.5 uV (28~30 MHz, 12dB SINAD)
0.3 uV (50~54 MHz, 12dB SINAD)
Selectivity [10] CW [11] > 0.50 KHz (-6dB)
< 0.90 KHz (-60dB)
RTTY [12] > 0.35 KHz (-6dB)
< 0.65 KHz (-60dB)
SSB [7] > 2.4 KHz (-6dB)
< 3.8 KHz (-60dB)
AM [8] > 6 KHz (-6dB)
< 15 KHz (-60dB)
FM [9] > 12 KHz (-6dB)
< 20 KHz (-60dB)
RF preamplifier 10dB (Preampli1, for all bands)
16dB (Preampli2, for upper HF and above)
RF attenuator 6 / 12 / 18 dB
Dynamic range 104 dB (wide spaced signals, 14 MHz, pre OFF)
Blocking 126 dB (100 KHz spaced signal, 14 MHz, pre OFF)
IP3 (3rd order intercept point) +30dBm (14 MHz, pre OFF)
Image and spurious rejection [13] > 70 dB
Twin PBT 25 Hz steps (SSB/CW/RTTY/PSK)
100 Hz steps (AM)
Notch attenuation (Manual) 80 dB typ
Notch attenuation (Auto) >30 dB (single tone)
CW features Semi break-in / full break-in
Pitch control 300~900 Hz in 5 Hz steps
Audio peak filter
Reverse mode L/USB
PSK features BPSK and QPSK mode
Noise blanker (NB) Level, depth and width are adjustable
Noise reduction attenuation (NR) >6 dB (level adjustable)
RIT variable range ± 9.999 KHz
AGC Off, fast, mid, slow
Frequency stability ± 0.5 ppm max with temperature from 0°C to +50°C after 5' warm-up
Intermediate frequency 64.455 MHz
36 KHz
Squelch sensitivity SSB < 3.2 uV (threshold, preamp ON)
FM < 0.3 uV (threshold, preamp ON)
Transmitter :
Output power SSB / CW / RTTY / PSK / FM 2 ~ 100 W
AM 1 ~ 30 W
Spurious emission < -50 dB (1.8~29.7 MHz bands)
< -63 dB (50 MHz band)
Carrier suppression (SSB) > 40 dB
Unwanted sideband suppression (SSB) > 55 dB
XIT variable range ± 9.999 KHz
Microphone 600Ω
CW features 6~48 wpm Keyer
Antenna tuner Matching impedance range 16.7 to 150Ω (1.8~30 MHz bands)
20 to 125Ω (50 MHz band)
Minimum operating power 8 W (1.8~30 MHz bands)
15 W (50 MHz band)
Tuning accuracy SWR 1,5:1
Insertion loss <1 dB (after tuning)
Features :
Memory 99 regular memories
2 for programmed scan limits
Display 1 Hz frequency resolution
Antenna 2 x SO239 50Ω connectors
RCA connector (receive input)
Power supply 13.8 Volt DC ±15% (negative ground)
Power consumption 3.5A RX, max volume
3.0A RX, Standby
23A TX, max power
Audio power 2W with an 8Ω load
Audio output Jack 6.35 mm headphone
Jack 3.5 mm external speaker
Connections Jack 8-pin (microphone)
Jack 3.5 mm (CI-V remote control)
Jack 6.35 mm (CW keyer)
Socket 8-pin (accessories 1)
Socket 7-pin (accessories 2)
Socket 4-pin (antenna tuner)
2 x RCA (receive antenna in/out)
RCA (transverted antenna in/out)
USB (PC, modulation input)
Mechanical and environmental data :
Operating temperature from 0°C to +50°C
Dimensions 340 (W) x 116 (H) x 280 (D) mm projections not included
Weight 10kg

[1] Some frequency bands are not guaranteed
[2] Varies according to version
[3] EU version 1.81-2 MHz, 3.5-3.8 MHz, 7-7.1 MHz, UK version 7-7.2 MHz
[4] USA version, only 5.3305 / 5.3465 / 5.3665 / 5.3715 / 5.4035 MHz channels
[5] The frequency is changed in 50Hz step when the [UP]/[DN] switches of the microphone are used
[6] Preamplifier ON
[7] 2.4kHz bandwidth
[8] 6.0kHz bandwidth
[9] 15.0kHz bandwidth
[10] IF filter shape is set to SHARP
[11] 500Hz bandwidth
[12] 350Hz bandwidth
[13] Except IF through on 50 MHz band

Description :

The IC-7600 ICOM, HF/50 all mode transceiver, use two separate 32-bit DSP units for power the transmitter/receiver functions and the spectrum scope with a waterfall display that captures signal strengths over time. This allows you to see weak signals that may not be apparent on a normal spectrum scope. The combination of the spectrum and waterfall screens give you a better view of weaker signals as band conditions change. These processors give the IC-7600 high performance allows you to build your own digital IF filter. You can quickly choose bandwidth, shape factor and center frequency. Three built-in first IF roofing filters, at 3 / 6 / 15 kHz, especially effective in CW/PSK/SSB modes allows you to eliminate overloading caused by strong signals just outside the passband.

Other features :

Double-conversion superheterodyne system with image rejection mixer for improve inband IMD. Dual AGC loops, one analog and one digital, both under DSP control. This architecture allows maximum useful dynamic range. Two Tx/Rx antenna connectors with automatic antenna selector. Digital twin-PBT, digital notch filter, noise reduction, noise blanker. Dualwatch function allows you to receive two signals in the same band simultaneously. Digital voice memory, built-in memory keyer, RF speech compressor, microphone equalizer, adjustable transmit bandwidth. Built-in high-speed automatic antenna tuner. Large 14.8cm (400 x 240 pixels) TFT display with high contrast ratio. Multi-function meter, triple band stacking register, PSK and RTTY operation with built-in decoder/encoder (PC not required, only a USB keyboard), CTCSS tone encoder and decoder, voice operated transmission. High stability TCXO unit. Built-in voice synthesizer.

Antennas :

The transceiver covers 0.03-60 MHz over 10 bands. Each band key has a band memory which can memorize a selected antenna (ANT1, ANT2, ANT1/RX antenna and ANT2/RX antenna). When you change the operating frequency beyond a band, the previously used antenna is automatically selected. This function is convenient when you use 2 or 3 antennas. Also, located between the transmit/receive switching circuit and receiver's RF stage 2 x RCA connects an external unit, such as preamplifier or RF filter, if desired. Useful for upgrade the system with accessories and/or other RF equipment. More, when the transverter operation is activated the SO239 antenna connectors do not receive or transmit any signals. While receiving, the transverter connector can be activated as an input terminal from an external transverter. While transmitting, the connector outputs signals of the displayed frequency at -20 dBm (22mV) as signal for the external transverter.

IC-7600 antenna connections

IF filter selection :

The transceiver has 3 passband width IF filters for each mode. For SSB / CW / PSK modes, the passband width can be set within 50 to 3600 Hz in 50 or 100 Hz steps. A total of 41 passband widths are available. For RTTY mode, the passband width can be set within 50 to 2700 Hz in 50 or 100 Hz steps. A total of 32 passband widths are available. For AM mode, the passband width can be set within 200 Hz to 10 kHz in 200 Hz steps. A total of 50 passband widths are available. For FM mode, the passband width is fixed and 3 passband widths are available. More, the type of DSP filter shape for each SSB / SSB data / CW can be selected independently from Soft and Sharp.

Receive functions :

The IC7600 has auto and manual notch functions. The auto notch function uses DSP to automatically attenuate beat tones, tuning signals, etc., even if they are moving. The manual notch can be set to attenuate a frequency via the NOTCH control. The auto notch can be used in SSB, AM and FM mode. The manual notch can be used in SSB, CW, RTTY, PSK and AM modes. Also, the automatic tuning function tunes the displayed frequency automatically when an off-frequency signal is received within the range ±500 Hz (CW) or ±5 kHz (AM).

IC-7600 price :

We have collected for your convenience the IC-7600 ICOM sales prices and their trend over time. Of course offers, accessories, warranty terms and conditions can lead to different figures.

Price Date Condition
EUR 1.789,-- 2018-oct Second Hand

Excellent condition, as new. With manual and original box.

GBP 1.499,-- 2018-oct Second Hand

Very good condition. With manual, power lead, microphone.

GBP 1.399,-- 2018-sep Second Hand

Boxed and good condition overall.

Review :

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