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Mobile VHF/UHF radio designed for the analog to digital migration, supports conventional and DMR modes with auto-detect feature. Low and High power version up to 50 Watt. Ideated in EU, year of introduction 2018.

Reference market : PMR business

General :
Frequency coverage RX 136.0000 ~ 174.0000 MHz
400.0000 ~ 470.0000 MHz
TX 136.0000 ~ 174.0000 MHz
400.0000 ~ 470.0000 MHz
Modulation mode FM / DMR Tier II
Tuning step 12.5 / 25 KHz
Receiver :
Sensitivity FM 0.22 uV typ (12dB SINAD)
0.3 uV max (12dB SINAD)
0.4 uV (20dB SINAD)
DMR 0.3 uV (5% BER)
Signal to noise ratio (audio) FM 40dB (CH 12.5KHz)
45dB (CH 25KHz)
Selectivity FM / DMR 60dB (on 12.5KHz adjacent channel)
70dB (on 25KHz adjacent channel)
Intermodulation 65dB (ETSI)
70dB (TIA-603)
Blocking 84dB (ETSI)
90dB (TIA-603)
Spurious rejection 70dB
Frequency stability ± 0.5 ppm from -30°C to +60°C
Audio response ± 2dB
Transmitter :
Output power VHF 1-25W
5-50W [1]
UHF 1-25W
5-45W [1]
Spurious emission Adjacent channel -60dB @ 12.5KHz
-70dB @ 25KHz
Radiated emission -36dBm max (< 1GHz)
-30dBm max (> 1GHz)
Maximum FM deviation (analog) ± 5.0 KHz (CH 25KHz)
± 2.5 KHz (CH 12.5KHz)
DMR modulation (digital) 4FSK (data only: 7K60FXD)
4FSK (data & voice: 7K60FXW)
Vocoder AMBE++ (or SELP)
Audio response ± 2dB
Audio distortion 3% max
Signal to noise ratio (audio on FM mode) 40dB (CH 12.5KHz)
45dB (CH 25KHz)
Features :
Memory 48 regular memories (16 x 3 banks)
Selective calling DTMF / HDC1200 [2]
Antenna BNC 50Ω connector
Power supply 13.6V nominal (±15%)
Power consumption 0.3A standby, typ
1A RX, max
3A TX, max (1W power)
5A TX, max (5W power)
8A TX, max (25W power)
12A TX, max (45W power)
Audio power 4W with an 16Ω internal load
8W with an 8Ω external speaker
Connections DB26-pin (accessories)
Jack (GPS input)
Mechanical and environmental data :
Operating temperature from -30°C to +60°C
Dimensions 164 (W) x 43 (H) x 150 (D) mm
Weight 1.1kg

[1] High power version
[2] Coming soon, in analogue mode

Description :

The MD615 it's a Digital Mobile Radio (DMR) Tier-2 and conventional mobile radio that is simple and easy to use, designed for the analog-to-digital migration on PMR applications. The entry-level radio is targeted at taxi, trucks, delivery vans, buses, agricultural vehicles. The radio delivers best-in-class audio and supports analog and digital modes, enabling mixed fleets. The analog and digital auto-detect feature (A&D) recognizes what kind of signal is being received and switches to the correct mode to receive the voice from the speaker. The unit also ensures the same mode is used if there is a reply. The Hytera radio transmits up to 50W in high power version. The product is IP54 rated against dust and water intrusion and is Mil-STD-810G certified for shock and vibration.

MD615 by Hytera, front and rear panel

Other features:

  • A&D Auto Detect
    Compatible with analogue conventional and digital conventional modes. This allows the MD615 to simultaneously monitor analogue and digital modes, automatically responding in each. This presents an easy solution when migrating from analogue to digital.

  • Double capacity in direct mode
    Based on DMR TDMA technology, you can have two voice calls simultaneously in direct mode.

  • Pseudo trunk
    Several talk groups share the same frequency, and each one of them can dynamically choose to use one of the slots to talk. This is a two-slot-trunked mode. While time-slot1 is busy, the MD615 will use time-slot 2 to transmit.

  • Emergency alarm/call
    Use the orange emergency button to initiate an emergency alarm and call to other radios.

  • Optional features
    The MD615 supports radio enable/disable, remote monitor and priority interrupt, external GPS module for upload real-time position in AVL applications.

MD615 price :

We have collected for your convenience the MD615 Hytera sales prices and their trend over time. Of course offers, accessories, warranty terms and conditions can lead to different figures.

Price Date Condition
GBP 246,-- 2018-nov New

In promotion

GBP 261,-- 2018-nov New

In promotion. High Power Version

GBP 315,90 2018-nov New

Standard Package

GBP 330,-- 2018-oct New

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