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Portable world receiver with FM-Stereo, Medium Wave, Short Wave in two bands of 5.9~10 and 11.65~18 MHz. Ideated in Germany / P.R. of China.

Reference market : consumer

General :
Frequency coverage 0.5200 ~ 1.7100 MHz
5.9000 ~ 10.0000 MHz
11.6500 ~ 18.0000 MHz
87.0000 ~ 108.0000 MHz
Modulation mode AM / WFM
Features :
Display LCD shows frequency, time in power off
1 KHz frequency resolution (MW)
5 KHz frequency resolution (SW)
Power supply 3V battery (2 x AAA)
4.5~5 VDC external
Connections Jack 3.5 mm (headphone)
Mechanical and environmental data :
Dimensions 69 (W) x 110 (H) x 13 (D) mm
Weight 80g without battery

Description :

Grundig M400 is a compact and lightweight portable radio, only 80 grams excluding batteries, which in addition to medium waves (MW) and FM covers two segments of shortwave. The controls are very simple to use, there are no specific settings but only a traditional rotary tuning command and a four-position band switch. For MW the receiver uses the internal ferrite antenna while for the SW and FM there is a telescopic antenna. There is a clock with alarm for the programmed power-on.

M400 price :

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Price Date Condition
USD 39,-- 2018-nov Second Hand

Good clean condition

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