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Portable world receiver with FM-Stereo, Medium Wave, Short Wave. With Mp3 / WMA files reader and audio recorder. Ideated in P.R. of China.

Reference market : consumer

General :
Frequency coverage 0.5220 ~ 1.7100 MHz (MW)
2.3000 ~ 23.0000 MHz (SW)
64.0000 ~ 108.0000 MHz [1]
Modulation mode AM / WFM
Features :
Memory 248 total memories
Display LCD with imitation of analog scale
Segment-bar signal meter
Alimentazione battery (Lithium)
VAC with power adapter
Connections Jack (headphone)
Jack (audio/microphone in)
Mechanical and environmental data :
Dimensions 130 (W) x 78 (H) x 30 (D) mm
Weight 145g with battery

[1] 87~108 MHz on some models

Description :

The Degen DE1129 combines a portable radio with short waves ad a player/recorder for MP3-WMA file. The latter can be used to store the programs heard or even live sound thanks to the built-in microphone, there is also the possibility to vary the playback speed. Among the features: manual tuning, with recall from memories, automatic scanning. Telescopic antenna and internal ferrite antenna for MW. High resolution dot matrix LCD display with numerical frequency indication emulating an analogue scale, time, signal level, battery level. Speaker with remarkable performance even on low-frequency tones. Support for various languages, software update, integrated 4Gb flash memory, micro-SD port for external memory cards. Auto-off timer in 5~90 minutes, alarms with programmable power-on. Lithium battery, battery charger also by means of USB connection to a PC.

Performance and practical notes :

Lightweight and compact receiver the DE1129 easily lends itself to be used in any portable condition. The front loudspeaker adopts a construction with a very wide frequency response comprising, within dimensional limits, a sub-woofer to give back a feeling of high fidelity listening. The behavior of the radio section is more than satisfactory. The use in the 2.3~23 MHz has demonstrated in particular a good balance between sensitivity and intermodulations resistance, for this class of equipment of-course. The same can be said for the price / performance ratio that benefits the small Degen compared with similar competitors.

DE1129 price :

We have collected for your convenience the DE1129 Degen sales prices and their trend over time. Of course offers, accessories, warranty terms and conditions can lead to different figures.

Price Date Condition
EUR 62,49 2018-nov New
EUR 65,00 2018-nov New
USD 53,99 2018-nov New

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