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Desktop / mobile wide-band receiver, frequency range 0.01-3300 MHz all-mode. It combines the functionality of a basic HF radio set with those of a scanner. Ideated in Japan, year of introduction 2002.

Reference market : ham-radio

General :
Frequency coverage 0.0100 ~ 3300.0000 MHz
Modulation mode CW / LSB / USB / AM / FM / WFM
Tuning step 1 / 10 / 50 / 100 / 500 Hz / 1 / 5 / 6.25 / 9 / 10 / 12.5 / 20 / 25 / 30 / 50 / 100 / 500 KHz
User-defined 0.001~1000 KHz with 1 Hz resolution
Receiver :
Sensitivity [1] CW/SSB 5.0 uV (0.02~0.04 MHz, 10dB S/N)
2.5 uV (0.04~0.1 MHz, 10dB S/N)
2.0 uV (0.1~25 MHz, 10dB S/N)
0.8 uV (25~1000 MHz, 10dB S/N)
AM 10.0 uV (0.04~0.1 MHz, 10dB S/N)
5.0 uV (0.1~25 MHz, 10dB S/N)
2.3 uV (25~1000 MHz, 10dB S/N)
1.3 uV (1000~2500 MHz, 10dB S/N)
1.5 uV (2500~3300 MHz, 10dB S/N)
FM 4.0 uV (0.1~1 MHz, 12dB SINAD)
2.5 uV (1~25 MHz, 12dB SINAD)
0.8 uV (25~2500 MHz, 12dB SINAD)
1.3 uV (2500~3300 MHz, 12dB SINAD)
WFM 1.3 uV (25~2500 MHz, 12dB SINAD)
1.5 uV (2500~3300 MHz, 12dB SINAD)
Selectivity CW > 0.5 KHz (-6dB)
< 2.0 KHz (-60dB)
SSB > 3 KHz (-6dB)
< 6 KHz (-60dB)
AM > 6 KHz (-6dB)
< 20 KHz (-60dB)
9 KHz
> 9 KHz (-6dB)
< 30 KHz (-60dB)
15 KHz
> 15 KHz (-6dB)
< 40 KHz (-60dB)
30 KHz
> 30 KHz (-6dB)
< 70 KHz (-60dB)
110 KHz
> 110 KHz (-6dB)
< 450 KHz (-60dB)
220 KHz
> 220 KHz (-6dB)
< 600 KHz (-60dB)
300 KHz
> 300 KHz (-6dB)
< 900 KHz (-60dB)
IP3 (3rd order intercept point) +2 dBm (144 MHz)
-1 dBm (>2500 MHz)
Image rejection > 60 dB
Frequency stability ± 0.1ppm with temperature from -10°C to +50°C after 5' warm-up
Intermediate frequency 755 MHz [2]
265 MHz [2]
10.7 MHz
455 KHz
Features :
Memory 1000 regular memories
10 VFO
Display 1 Hz frequency resolution
Antenna N 50Ω connector
Power supply 10.8 ~ 16 VDC external, 13.5 V nominal
Power consumption 1600 mA typ
Audio power 1.5 W with an 8Ω load
Audio output Jack 3.5 mm external speaker
Jack 3.5 mm line
Connections RS232C-9
BNC (IF 10.7 MHz or 455 KHz out)
SMA (10 MHz reference in)
Mechanical and environmental data :
Operating temperature from -10°C to +50°C
Dimensions 157 (W) x 58 (H) x 270 (D) mm
Weight 2.2kg

[1] CW/SSB/AM sensitivity at maximum IF-gain
[2] 1° IF frequencies correlated to specific band segments

Description :

The AR-One is a compact desktop receiver, and therefore also suitable for vehicle use. The apparatus is mainly aimed at listeners who wish monitoring over a wide range of frequencies but which do not require articulated signal control functions. The front panel over the tune control is developed with a limited set of buttons and only two knobs. For this aspect it basically proposes an interface similar to that found in a portable scanner.

Other features: selection of different IF filter bandwidths for FM, high frequency stability, input for a standard frequency reference, IF output, adjustable BFO, squelch, S-meter on LCD display even directly in uV. Multiple search options and a wide range of general memories with 10 independent VFOs. RS-232C connection (two ports) for PC control up to 99 receiving units.

Performance and practical notes :

This receiver is characterized by an unsatisfactory price / performance ratio. For this reason it is mainly due the limited diffusion of the AR-One among the fans. This factor naturally changes in value when turning to the used market if you have the opportunity to find a proposed model at a reasonable cost. Generally speaking, the receiver offers a wide coverage of frequencies to the benefit of operators looking for a small size scanner, certainly superior to handheld in performance. But at the same time those who practice a demanding radio-listening find handicaps especially below 30 MHz for the lack of functions like PBT and notch-filter as well as for a not excellent front-end dynamic. In contrast, on VHF / UHF the availability of multiple bandwidths for FM mode adds considerable flexibility of use that is appreciated both in FM-DX on the broadcast portion of 87.5 ~ 108 MHz and in the reception of WEFAX satellite signals (weather data), or again in the acquisition of FSK data flows typical of telemetry emissions. In this context, the possibility of further processing starting from the IF signal, made at the output through a connector on the rear panel, is an element to underline.

AR-One price :

We have collected for your convenience the AR-One AOR sales prices and their trend over time. Of course offers, accessories, warranty terms and conditions can lead to different figures.

Price Date Condition
EUR 4.380,-- 2018-oct New
USD 5.399,-- 2018-oct New

Valuation :

Dynamic range
Spurious response
Signal functions
Control functions
User friendly

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Review :

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