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Pocket-size scanner, receiving frequency range 0.1-1300 MHz in AM and FM mode. CTCSS/DCS, bandscope. Ideated in Japan, year of introduction 2010.

Reference market : ham-radio

General :
Frequency coverage [1] 0.1000 ~ 1299.9950 MHz
Modulation mode AM / FM / WFM
Tuning step 5 / 10 / 12.5 / 15 / 20 / 25 / 50 / 100 KHz
Receiver :
Selectivity AM 12 KHz (-6dB)
FM 12 KHz (-6dB)
WFM 200 KHz (-6dB)
Frequency stability ± 5ppm max with temperature from -10°C to +50°C
Intermediate frequency 47.25 MHz (AM / FM)
45.80 MHz (WFM)
450 KHz (AM / FM)
10.7 MHz (WFM)
1000 KHz (WFM)
Features :
Memory 900 regular memories in banks
100 for skip in scan
50 for programmed scan limits
Display 1 KHz frequency resolution
12-segments signal meter bar
Antenna SMA 50Ω connector
Power supply 3.7V battery (2 x AA Li-ion)
3.5 ~ 7 VDC external, 6V nominal
Power consumption > 100 mA typ
Audio power 100 mW
Audio output Jack 3.5 mm
Mechanical and environmental data :
Dimensions 47 (W) x 81 (H) x 23 (D) mm, without antenna
Weight 130g with battery and antenna

[1] Cellular blocked in the US

Description :

The VR-160 is an extremely light compact scanner, only 130g including batteries and antenna. It is aimed at listening to only AM and FM modes with a battery life of over 20 hours guaranteed by the supplied lithium-ion pack. The panoramic analyzer allows to visualize the radio activity by covering 100 adjacent channels (± 50 CH) with total interval according to the tuning step. It has 900 locations of generic memory distributed in banks, 100 locations are dedicated to the skip function for exclusion during the search, the scan also makes use of a large number of limits for the selection of the frequency interval. The CTCSS and DCS tone decoding allows a targeted reception to identify a signal between a group of emissions, this also simplifies the monitoring of a particular repeater. Beyond the flexible stylus antenna a ferrite rod is incorporated to improve the reception of MW band. A dot matrix display provides easy reading of frequency and complementary data.

VR-160 price :

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Price Date Condition
GBP 189,95 2020-jan New

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