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Preliminary informations - new product
The Elecraft K4 transceiver provides 160-6 meter, all-mode coverage, wide-range dual receive. 100W output. Modular hybrid architecture, high-performance SDR. Ideated in USA, year of introduction 2020.

Reference market : ham-radio

General :
Frequency coverage [1] RX 0.1000 ~ 54.0000 MHz
TX 1.8/3.5/5.2 [2] /7/ 10/14/18/21/ 24/28/50 MHz amateur bands
Modulation mode CW / LSB / USB / FSK / PSK / AM / FM
Receiver :
Frequency stability ±0.25 ppm
Transmitter :
Output power SSB 100W
Features :
Display 17.8 cm touch color LCD
1 Hz frequency resolution
40-segments signal meter bar
Antenna 2 x SO239 50Ω connectors
2 x SO239 50Ω connectors [1]
5 x BNC connectors (receive in/output)
Power supply 12~15V DC
Power consumption 2A RX
18-23A TX
Connections 3 x USB (front and rear)
RS232 (DB9)
Accessories (DB15)
Jack (Microphone front and rear)
Jack (Phones front and rear)
Jack (Line in/output)
Jack (Speakers)
Jack (PTT)
RCA (Paddle)
12 VDC output
Mechanical and environmental data :
Dimensions 254 (D) x 343 (W) x 114 (H) mm
Weight 4.5kg

[1] Module for VHF/UHF bands, to be determined
[2] To be confirmed

Description :

This Elecraft transceiver come with high resolution mini-panadapter for each receiver. An advanced fine-tuning aid with its bandwidth as narrow as ±1 KHz. The user can turn it on by tapping either receiver's Signal-meter or by tapping on a signal of interest. The K4 features simple operation with a large, full-color, touch LCD display. Band-stacking switches and per-receiver controls are both intuitive and versatile, adapting to operating context. K4 transceiver are also upgradeable by the user at any time:

Elecraft K4

The basic transceiver, allowing the main and sub receivers to be set for the same or different bands.

Elecraft K4D

Includes all of the features of K4. Add an additional direct sampling ADC module and a second set of band-pass filters. This allows the two receivers to use different antennas, for diversity receive. With two sets of BP filters also optimizes signal handling when the receivers are on different bands and/or different antennas.

Elecraft K4HD

Includes all of the features of K4D. Add a dual superheterodine 8 MHz IF module, for competitive field day and contesting receiver. Each superhet section includes two XTAL filters, for SSB and CW.

Kit version :

A no-soldering kit version of the Elecraft K4 is planned. Ham builders will learn about advanced radio technology as they proceed. All modules are factory aligned and tested.

Review :

Your opinion on merits, defects, experiences, with this radio set is welcome. Write your review, after a technical evaluation by our staff if found suitable will be published on this page. We thank you for your precious contribution.


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