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Wide-band PC controlled receiver with double / triple simultaneous reception. Receiving frequency range 0.04-3150 MHz all-mode. High-performance radio set suited for spectrum monitoring also in remote-controlled operation. Ideated in Japan, year of introduction 2010.

Reference market : ham-radio / professional

General :
Frequency coverage 0.0400 ~ 3150.0000 MHz
Modulation mode CW / LSB / USB / AM / AM-S / FM / WFM / P25 [1]
Tuning step 1 ~ 999999 Hz user-defined
Receiver :
Sensitivity SSB 2.0 uV (0.04~0.1 MHz, 10dB S/N)
1.2 uV (0.1~1.8 MHz, 10dB S/N)
1.0 uV (1.8~25 MHz, 10dB S/N)
0.25 uV (25~1000 MHz, 10dB S/N)
0.3 uV (1000~2400 MHz, 10dB S/N)
0.5 uV (2400~3000 MHz, 10dB S/N)
1.0 uV (3000~3150 MHz, 10dB S/N)
AM 4.0 uV (0.04~0.1 MHz, 10dB S/N)
2.0 uV (0.1~25 MHz, 10dB S/N)
1.0 uV (25~2400 MHz, 10dB S/N)
1.7 uV (2400~3000 MHz, 10dB S/N)
2.0 uV (3000~3150 MHz, 10dB S/N)
FM 0.5 uV (25~3000 MHz, 12dB SINAD)
0.8 uV (3000~3150 MHz, 12dB SINAD)
WFM 1.5 uV (25~2400 MHz, 12dB SINAD)
2.5 uV (2400~3000 MHz, 12dB SINAD)
3.5 uV (3000~3150 MHz, 12dB SINAD)
Selectivity CW
500 Hz
0.38 KHz (-3dB)
0.5 KHz (-80dB)
3 KHz
2.7 KHz (-3dB)
3.1 KHz (-80dB)
6 KHz
5.5 KHz (-3dB)
6.9 KHz (-80dB)
15 KHz
14.2 KHz (-3dB)
15.6 KHz (-80dB)
200 KHz
200 KHz (-3dB)
250 KHz (-80dB)
IP3 (3rd order intercept point) +20 dBm (14 MHz)
+9 dBm (50 MHz)
+5 dBm (620 MHz)
Image rejection > 70 dB (0.04~25 MHz)
> 50 dB (25~ 2000 MHz)
> 40 dB (2000~3150 MHz)
AGC Adjustable
Frequency stability ± 1ppm with temperature from 0°C to +50°C after 5' warm-up
± 0.01ppm with GPS unit [2]
Intermediate frequency [3] 1704.5 MHz [4]
294.5 MHz [4]
45.05 MHz
Features :
Memory 2000 regular memories in 40 banks
Antenna N 50Ω connector (0.04~3150 MHz)
N 50Ω connector (25~3150 MHz)
Power supply 10.7 ~ 16 VDC external, 12 V nominal
Power consumption 1500 mA
200 mA inactive
Audio power 2 W with an 8Ω load
Audio output Jack 3.5 mm external speaker
Jack 3.5 mm stereo line
I/Q out 1 MHz bandwidth
Connections RS232C-9
RCA (Video out)
Jack 3.5 mm (I/Q 12 KHz analogical out)
USB (I/Q digital out [5])
BNC (IF 45.05 MHz out [5])
SMA (10 MHz reference in)
Mechanical and environmental data :
Operating temperature from 0°C to +50°C
Dimensions 220 (W) x 70 (H) x 285 (D) mm
Weight 3kg

[1] For P25 mode the optional APCO P-25 Digital Voice Decoder unit is request
[2] Optional unit
[3] Direct sampling architecture in 0.04~25 MHz range, without IF conversions
[4] 1° and 2° IF frequencies correlated to specific band segments
[5] Output available only for 25~3150 MHz band

Description :

The AR-2300 is the black-box version of the AR-5001D receiver and as such aimed to radio monitoring from a remote location or in any case subservient to computer or LAN control. This is a conventional technology apparatus in the 25 ~ 3150 MHz band with regard to the frequency conversion structure while it is digital in the last IF for the filtering and demodulation phases. Between 0.04 ~ 25 MHz, on the other hand, direct sampling technology with ADC (analog/digital converter) of 14 bits operating at 65 Ms/second it's used, a pure SDR that guarantees notable performance on VLF/HF band.

In addition to conventional SSB / AM / FM modes the receiver can demodulate analog video signals on FM carrier, a composite video output is available for suitable display. It is also possible to acquire digital or impulsive emissions, even non-standard ones, to be sent to a PC for analysis by taking advantage of an entire set of dedicated connections that include an analog output at 12 KHz in I/Q format (in-phase and quadrature) for narrowband signals (such as DRM and similar), an output in digital I/Q format (optional) via USB for broadband signals up to 1 MHz, and finally an IF output with ±7.5 MHz of external bandwidth AGC loop (gain control) so as to ensure that the intensity of the signals maintains fidelity with respect to the components captured by the antenna.

This AOR operates with double / triple listening, the HF part between 0.04~25 MHz can receive a simultaneous emission with the V/UHF band between 25~3150 MHz. For frequencies over 25 MHz it is also possible to tune two separate channels if they fall within the bandwidth of the IF filter. By combining both options, three emissions are simultaneously monitored. A digital audio recorder allows you to track the radio traffic by storing it in a standard SD card. The device allows the use of SD-HC cards up to 32 GB for a maximum recording time over 240 hours using a WAV file. Important aspect is that the time mentioned is effective, using the squelch the inactive periods are ignored by extending the monitoring period to the only real presence of the signal.

Other features: IF filter bandwidth selection between 200/500 Hz and 1/3/6/15/30/100/200 kHz, CW pitch-control, noise-blank, DNR, auto-notch, automatic frequency control (AFC) in FM mode, IF shift, RF attenuator, selectable AGC time constant, squelch, DTMF decoder, CTCSS / DCS tone recognition. Multiple spectrum search and analysis functions using software. 100 channels/second high speed scan.

AR-2300 price :

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Price Date Condition
EUR 3.170,-- 2018-oct New
USD 3.649,-- 2018-oct New

Valuation :

Dynamic range
Spurious response
Signal functions
Control functions
User friendly

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